Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Georgia Buck

During my twenty seven years of Deer Hunting Big Bucks I had the opportunity to hunt all over the great state of Georgia. I thought it would be fun to make a top ten list of the counties I have hunted in and tell you a little about what made each one special to me. So here goes-
10. Taylor-I have a friend who owns 1700 acres in Taylor County. He has it completely fenced in. He invited me to go with him and I took him up on the offer right quick. The place was very nice with a lot of food plots and stand locations. Oh, and not t mention, the big bucks I saw the first day I ever hunted on his property. And that evening I rattled in a nice eight pointer. It was a beautiful place.
9. Pulaski- A friend of mine took me hunting in Pulaski County. His Uncle farmed cotton and peanuts there. It was awesome! There were big rubs everywhere, and plenty of food for the big bucks.
8. Marion-I was in a deer hunting club near Ft. Benning in Columbus. We hunted 5,000 acres. There were some beautiful spots on that property. A lot of the guys were from that area and I really enjoyed hunting with them. There were some trophybucks taken on that property.
7. Putnam-My Grandmother was raised on a dairy farm in Putnam County so it has a special place in my heart. I was deer hunting in a Club there. It is beautiful. I got drawn for a hunt at B.F. Grant. The first morning I ever hunted there, I saw a real trophy buck, but unfortunately he saw me first.
6. Dooly-I was in a club in Dooly County. Whenever you hunt there you feel like you could see a really big monster buck. I harvested my biggest buck to date on the Flint River WMA.
5. Madison-My uncle lived in Madison County. It’s the first place I ever went hunting. It is a beautiful! I loved hunting the power lines there.
4. Morgan-I was in a club in Morgan County. There were a lot of deer and some super nice bucks. I have relatives that own a restaurant in Buckhead. (If you’re ever in the area you should check it out-it’s called “Bonners.” It has great catfish and the best Brunswick stew you’ve ever put in your mouth). I would love to live in Morgan County one day. It’s a great hunting county.
3. Gwinnett-My dad had 14 acres near Chateau Elan Winery. I harvested one of my biggest bucks there. They have the most beautiful hardwood ridges.
2. Walton- My Aunt and Uncle had a place there. We hunted the swamp behind their house. It was awesome. I was also in a club in Walton County-very nice hunting land there also. Beautiful hardwood ridges.
1. Jasper-I’ve been in two clubs in Jasper. One of which I am currently in now. It’s prime hunting territory. I loved hunting the soybeans fields and cornfields-Absolutely beautiful!

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